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Archival Researchers 


15 days

4 September - December 2023

Fee: Grade G @£21.29/hour

Working patterns to be discussed between the project teams and the successful applicants.

Performance artist Tom Marshman and Bristol based academics from the arts and humanities, law, and social sciences are working together on an iterative project about the power of stories. At an urgent moment when homophobia and transphobia is becoming increasingly emboldened, the project explores how important it is to share, hear, perform, and reflect upon queer stories in the wake of repression. 

Research will focus on the impact and legacy of Section 28 (Local Government Act 1988) which stipulated that local authorities should not ‘intentionally promote homosexuality’. The team are working together to interrogate their existing research and explore anecdotal stories from LGBTQI+ communities to develop new understandings and responses to the following research questions.

  • What are the effects and by-products of living through and/or living in the aftermath of a moment of restriction and repression on sexual identity? 

  • In what ways has (and does) Section 28 shape the way people across society think about and experience gender and sexuality? 

  • Can creative engagement with the past affect attitudes or, for example, offer the potential of empowerment, in the present?

  • How does the past influence the stories we tell about queer life in the present?


The project team is looking for two research assistants to work from September - December 2023 to support the process. The research assistant will be required to:

  • Attend 8  check-in conversations with lead artist across the period. 

  • Be available to go on a 3 day research trip w/c 25 September, to carry out directed archival research at the Hall Carpenter Archive & Bishopsgate Archive London  and feedback this research back to the team.

  • Shadow and take part in appropriate academic conversations helping the lead artist to process concepts and filter these into his practice. 

  • Support the lead artist to structure the academic research into a podcast series.

  • Transcribe community conversations where appropriate. 


We are looking for researchers with an interest in the subject area preferably (but not exclusively) from a LGBTQI+ community,  there will be space within the framework for the researchers to explore their areas of expertise.  

An interest in hidden LGBTQI+ Histories

Archival research experience 

Laws around gender and sexuality.

Ideally legal research experience or some law related experience

An interest in oral histories 

Qualified to MA or PHD level


To apply please outline your interest and experience for the position (no more than 1 page a4) or send a video application (no more that 5 mins) plus a cv to by 6 Sept 5pm.  

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