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Queer Monologues 

Everybody's Companion To Life & Love

Inspiring Dialogues


Other Projects

Scroll through all my other projects. I have put the performances in groups. Click on each title to learn a little more about each project.

I have been lucky enough to receive funding from Arts Council England to make some of my recent work including 'I am 21!' and 'A Haunted Existence', and Heritage Lottery funding to deliver some archive history workshops across the UK.  

These are show in which I deconstruct masculinity & perform my autobiography 

Small scale works that focus on memory, scent and taste

Performances generated through formal and informal conversations with communities

Site specific works inspired by landscapes

Queering the Museum

vents and performances that provide queer narratives to established collections.

The Bad Taste of the Town

M Shed Audio Tour

Gallery/Dating Tours 

A Dessert for Anna 

Martini Readings 

Tea Leaf Readings (For Beginners) 


Short performances for festivals and cabaret nights

Botox Party 

I Know I Promised You A Party Trick 

Knitting Without Tears 

Butterflies & Dinner ladies 


Playing But Losing 

Deconstructing the Good Life 

Holiday Snaps 



Bristol in Pieces 

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