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Exploring the impact of Section 28:
A new podcast series by Tom Marshman 


Tom Marshman is back with a series of fascinating podcasts exploring how the past influences the stories we tell about queer life in the present with a focus on the impact of section 28.

The new series is released biweekly from Friday 8 December and includes contributions from leading Bristol University academics, and the queer communities of Bristol.

Tom has been exploring the effects of section 28 on LGBTQ+ communities. Section 28 was implemented by the Conservative government between 1988-2000 and stopped schools mentioning queer life creating a state of disappearance for queer representation. 


He has gathered thoughts and experiences of LGBTQ+ community members in Bristol, Gloucester, Weston Super-mare, and Peterborough to make four thoughtful podcasts with the help of academics from Bristol University. Conversations meander through the studies of Law, History and language interspersed with personal experiences.


The first podcast in the series is delivered in collaboration with Dr Peter Dunne, Senior Lecturer in Law and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow


Peter is a lecturer at the Bristol University law school which he jokingly calls “the boring department”. He considers Queer rights and the relationship between queer people and the law. Peter is specifically interested in; how the law regulates the rights of LGBTQI+ people, how it helps to produce identities, how it can act as a barrier and how can it act as an instrument for positive change and reform. 


Download or stream this fast flowing, timely and stimulating series of conversations about the impact of Section 28. Go to soundcloud :


8 December: Pain, Shame, Isolation and Resilience. Section 28 and the law

Dr Peter Dunne, Senior Lecturer in Law and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow


22 December:

Dr Hannah Charnock Senior Lecturer in British History specialising in the twentieth-century histories of relationships, gender, sexuality, and youth culture.


5 January

Dr Sarah Jones Social and cultural historian 


19 January Section 28 and the Law

Professor Lois S Bibbings Professor of Law, Gender and History

These podcast act as a companion to a new body of work called the Show of Shows through which Tom explores his relationship to section 28, for updates on this work follow @tom.marshman.


Produced by Bernnie Hodges. Since 2019 Bernie has co-presented and produced the LGBT+ podcast "What, that Old Queen?!" with Tom Marshman along with producing podcasts for his shows  A Haunted Existence, Queer National Treasures and Old Market Remix.

Outfit: @Mishi.May

Photo:  Andre Pattenden

2020  Tom Marshman             

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